About Us

Benignity Support Services is striving to become the UK’s leading independent provider of support for young people aged 16+. Our purpose is to deliver a high standard of accommodation and support services to young people across the country.  Our innovative services are focused on enabling young people to achieve their goals through individually tailored solutions.

We believe encouraging independent decisions boosts self-esteem and gives a sense of confidence invaluable to young people who have faced challenging life situations. We aim to empower individuals through our services, whether that is achieved with 24-hour assistance or just a few hours a week. Putting the individual and their needs at the heart of our services ensures our staff provide a person-centred and a customised level of help unique to us. 

Aims and Objectives:

To provide consistency, continuity and quality in our support services.

To provide supportive assistance that makes a difference through encouraging independent choice.

To develop our staff by providing challenging and fresh opportunities to work.

To provide a stable and safe environment where young people can regain control and develop coping mechanisms.

To work alongside and in partnership with young people, their families and other agencies where necessary, to build strong relationships.

Our Mission

At Benignity Support Services, we guide our services based on the young people who use them, so the assistance we offer is entirely dependent on the individual’s requirements. Our mission, therefore, is to provide a comprehensive, personalised system of support for individuals aged 16+ that speaks to them and not above them. Collaboration is vital in building trustful relationships between the service user and their support worker, which makes a positive impact, and over time changes lives for the better. This is our ultimate mission and driving motivator.


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Our friendly staff are always available to help you with your needs. If you need support, or you have questions, please get in touch.